News from Magic Valley, Idaho

News from Magic Valley, Idaho
News from Magic Valley, Idaho


New state behavioral health plan offers centralized mental health care to Medicaid patients

As reported by The Idaho Press, The new Idaho Behavioral Health Plan went into effect Monday. The $1.2 billion, three-year contract will improve access to behavioral health services, primarily for Medicaid patients, and will be overseen by Magellan Health.

The changes will have a profound impact, according to Juliet Charron, deputy director of Medicaid at the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. The agency will deploy mobile crisis teams across the state to assist people in crisis. The Idaho Press wrote.

The new plan also aims to improve intermediate care, which includes a handful of services that are more intensive than therapy but less intensive than inpatient psychiatric treatment. These services are designed to prevent crisis and the need for inpatient treatment.

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States, territories and tribes interested in tackling diffuse pollutants have until July 15 to submit applications through the federal grant program, which is administered by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality and established by Section 319 of the Clean Water Act. The grant program supports a variety of diffuse pollutant control activities, including technical and financial assistance, and education and training to evaluate the success of diffuse pollutant control projects. The agency awards diffuse pollutant grants annually on a competitive basis. A successful grant must focus on reducing pollutant loads and improving water quality of lakes, streams, rivers and aquifers. Funds can be used for activities related to agriculture, stormwater, transportation, mining or groundwater, and forestry. Interested applicants must submit a completed application online. For more information, visit

Kadynce Neitzke explains the design process for her final project, a mental health awareness sign on the side of the IB Perrine Memorial Bridge.

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