Will Biden resign? The chaos among the Democrats shows that they cannot lead America

Will Biden resign? The chaos among the Democrats shows that they cannot lead America
Will Biden resign? The chaos among the Democrats shows that they cannot lead America

The Democratic Party has had its own dumpster fire burning for months. Now it’s blazing. The man they elected can’t do the job, and yet he refuses to step down. He can’t win, but he won’t go away.


The Democratic Party has been in DEFCON 1 since President Joe Biden revealed in the debate with former President Donald Trump last month that he was incoherent and incapable of leading the United States for the next four years.

Although Democrats have spent years raising concerns among voters about Biden’s cognitive health, some party leaders are now calling for Biden to step down as presidential candidate. Biden making way for a stronger candidate makes political sense, but it also raises questions about the president’s ability to stay in office even a few months longer.

And it raises the question of whether Americans can trust the Democratic Party to lead the country after November.

It is clear to Americans: Biden should go

Most Americans realize he should step down as the Democratic nominee, but Biden still hasn’t. The 81-year-old president called into MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday to tell hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski that voters had chosen him as the Democratic frontrunner.

“I’m so frustrated with the elites in the party. … They know so much more,” Biden said. “If any of these guys think I shouldn’t run, they’ll run against me. Go ahead. Announce your candidacy for president – challenge me at the convention!”

This sounds like a bad joke, but it isn’t. Biden genuinely seems to believe he can withstand the challenge from his own party and defeat Trump in November.

What’s worse than an incompetent president? One who suffers from delusions. (As a Republican who can’t stand Trump, I should know.)

The Democratic Party is fragmented

Despite Biden’s persistence, more and more leaders in Biden’s own party want him to resign.

Leading Democrats in the House — Representatives Jerry Nadler of New York, Adam Smith of Washington, Mark Takano of California and Joe Morelle of New York — are among those who have said Biden should drop out of the presidential race. It’s not exactly brave to voice your opinion at this point — the whole world has already seen Biden’s terrible debate performance — but it shows that the party is beginning to fracture.

Even left-leaning news outlets are realizing that Biden cannot remain the Democratic nominee. A senior Vox correspondent’s editorial is brutal, but may well prove accurate: “In his first interview “Since the disastrous debate (on June 27), President Joe Biden has seemed too weak to defeat former President Donald Trump and too delusional to end his campaign.”

Weak and delusional. And in less than four months he will be up for re-election to lead the free world.

Is Biden fit for the office of president? The Democrats have educated Americans about Biden’s cognitive decline. The debate brought the truth to light.

The headline of a column in the online magazine Slate published last week is similarly devastating: “The Democratic Party’s double standards: Trump is not the only person in the world who cannot be trusted with power.”

But Vice President Kamala Harris is also not fit to lead this country. If she were willing to take over, the Democrats would have removed Biden long ago. Now they are hesitating because they know that she is a mindless suit-wearer who is “unburdened by what was” – a favorite phrase of hers – and who does not really have what it takes to make important decisions and interact with foreign dignitaries.

She’s another reason why the Democrats are a mess. The number one and number two Democrats running the country are arrogant but confused. What a combination.

The Democratic Party’s inability to reach consensus on Biden’s ability to lead the nation over the next four years is as revealing as it is dangerous.

“But we just learned that Biden is a wreck,” Democrats might say. No, you didn’t.

Democrats cannot move the country forward

Party leadership should have known for months, if not years, (and perhaps already) that Biden’s rise was seriously stalling. Last fall, many voters expressed concern about the impact of Biden’s age on his ability to lead the country.

Democratic leaders downplayed those concerns, covered up evidence of Biden’s decline and attacked anyone who didn’t follow the rules. Now they’re panicking because their ruse has failed.

When did the Democrats know the truth? The left’s cover-up of Biden’s decline raises difficult questions.

Nearly two weeks after the world saw the real Joe Biden, Democrats have still failed to resolve a crisis that is worsening by the day. The election campaign remains in chaos, further proof that Democrats are not the best party to move the country forward.

The Republican Party has plenty of problems, starting with presumptive nominee Donald Trump. I’ve been focusing on Republican problems lately, and for years, news outlets have been reporting nonstop on the former president’s legal and personal troubles.

As it turns out, there’s been a dumpster fire simmering in the Democratic Party for months. Now it’s blazing brightly. The man the party elected can’t do the job, and yet he refuses to step down. He can’t win, but he won’t go.

It is a nightmare for the Democrats and – if they do not solve the problem soon – a nightmare for all of America.

Whatever happens to Biden in the next few days, the Democratic Party has proven that it is not capable of leading this country for the next four years.

Nicole Russell is an opinion columnist for USA TODAY. She lives in Texas with her four children. Subscribe to her newsletter, The Right Track, and have it delivered to your inbox.

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