Here is when the XRP price is expected to rise

Here is when the XRP price is expected to rise
Here is when the XRP price is expected to rise

After the bearish week, the crypto market is witnessing a massive altcoin crash. Amidst the crashing altcoins, the XRP price fell below the psychological $0.50 mark last week with a drop of 11%. In July alone, XRP fell by 8.44% while Bitcoin (BTC) declined by 8.61%. Despite this, some analysts are predicting an impending market turnaround for XRP when the price ends this month.

What is really at stake?

Timeline for an XRP price increase

XRP is currently trading at $0.4354 amidst a bearish trend. The Ripple Effect, a well-known commentator in the XRP community, has identified a crucial technical pattern: a breakdown of a massive triangle on XRP’s price chart. He noted that a weekly close of $0.42 could be a signal of a strong sell-off. He sets the potential buy targets at $0.12-0.14 and $0.07-0.08, calling these levels attractive entry points ahead of an expected price surge between 2026 and 2030.

Impact of the Ripple vs. SEC case

Since the trial began in 2020, the price of XRP has seen a massive drop in the issue of whether XRP is a security. A milestone was reached last July when XRP was ruled not to be a security, which brought optimism to the market. However, the case is now in the remedial phase and could last until mid-2026, delaying a significant price increase until the legal uncertainty is resolved. According to the latest update, the jury will finalize the status of XRP.

Different views on case resolution

The Ripple Effect suggests that the case could drag on until July 2026, which would impact XRP’s price timeline. However, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse believes the case could be concluded by the end of this year, with some industry observers expecting a verdict as early as this month. The resolution of the case is likely to lead to a significant price increase for XRP, underscoring the importance of investor patience.

Pro-XRP attorney Fred Rispoli predicts Judge Torres could grant summary judgment in SEC vs.

Ripple by the end of the month. After 3 years, a solution is imminent. Ripple’s latest motion strengthens their position. The XRP community expects the verdict by July 31st, although Rispoli humorously suggests July 13th.

Current scenario

Meanwhile, XRP is expecting a massive surge in July as the case could be concluded this month. Blockchain tracker WhaleAlert has uncovered a sizable transfer of 37.39 million XRP tokens – equivalent to about $16.06 million – from a large XRP holder to Bitstamp, a well-known crypto exchange. This large XRP whale dump indicates a waning of the optimistic sentiment regarding the SEC settlement.

While the broader crypto market remains in the red, this could be the trigger for the whale’s attempt to mitigate potential losses. XRP is trading at $0.4355, up 0.68% in the last 24 hours.

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