How to find the Vestigial Organ Launcher in The First Descendant

How to find the Vestigial Organ Launcher in The First Descendant
How to find the Vestigial Organ Launcher in The First Descendant

The rudimentary organ in The first descendant is a particularly bulky launcher that can decimate groups of enemies. Here’s how to get it.

How to preserve the rudimentary organ

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To get the Rudimentary Organ, head to the Miragestone: Vulgus Strategic Outpost mission in the Agna Desert. Here you’ll find a farmable mission that has a 50% chance of getting the Rudimentary Organ. You may need to do it a few times to get the weapon, as a 50% chance doesn’t mean you’ll definitely get it if you do it twice. With a 50% chance, you actually need to do it about 7 times to get the chance up to 99%.

The weapon will drop at a level relevant to the area, but you can visit a workbench and upgrade it using Weapon Level Transfer if you wish. This is worth doing if the bonus stats are particularly good, but weapon progression in The First Descendant is quite complicated and there are a few important things to keep in mind.

Firstly, while you can level up the weapon, which increases damage, it doesn’t change the bonuses. Bonus ranges are tied to drop level and increase in effect as drop level increases. So, ideally, you should reach level 100 and then farm weapons as these have the greatest potential values ​​for bonus stats. These stats can then be converted into something you like by visiting a workbench again and using the weapon customization option.

Early in the game, so basically anywhere up to level 100 drops, you should instead focus on mods and any Kuiper Shards you need to farm to really benefit from them. So you basically have a few options as to what you want to do. I think the best and most time-efficient way is to hit level 100 drops, then farm weapons that have at least two solid bonuses, and reroll the other two. Otherwise, you’ll be farming a ton of resources.

Now that you know where to get the Vestigial Organ, I would strongly advise you to take the time to farm The Tamer as well. It’s a vicious boss destroyer and the best machine gun in the game.

The First Descendant is now playable on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X|S and Steam.

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