Tourists find relief from record heat in Las Vegas shops

Tourists find relief from record heat in Las Vegas shops
Tourists find relief from record heat in Las Vegas shops

The record-breaking heat throughout Las Vegas continues to impact everyone, including locals, tourists and some local businesses in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, who say crowds have dwindled somewhat as many stay indoors to avoid the heat.

“I just imagine I’m in a cool place, and that really helps, believe it or not,” said Rob, a tourist in downtown Las Vegas.

While some tourists, like Rob, expect cooler days, others say they are well prepared for the scorching desert heat across the valley.

“We have water. We drank about ten bottles of water a day. We did that and hoped that the umbrella would help us stay outside as little as possible,” said another tourist from downtown Las Vegas.

One place that many locals and tourists alike flock to to escape the heat has a spiciness all its own. It’s a pizzeria in the heart of downtown called Evel Pie, which serves more than just a slice of pie.

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“We always have the air conditioning on full blast. It’s nice that the stickers block all the sun. Stickers play a big part in Evel Pie’s history and the best way to cool down, in my opinion, is with a nice cold beer and we have plenty of those here,” says Samantha Bandy, Evel Pie’s general manager.

While the heat has slightly impacted their outdoor patio business, Bandy says business is booming as usual after sunset.

“Once the sun goes down and everyone is done partying by the pool and everything, they come right here for pizza and beer and everything,” Bandy said.

Bandy says that while many are trying to cool down with a refreshing drink or air conditioning to escape the heat, they also have something special to help them brave this summer’s record-breaking heat.

“We also have our Reaper Pizza Challenge, which is our super, super hot version. For that we use Carolina Reaper powder, fresh habaneros, chorizo ​​​​and mozzarella, and we coat it with red pepper flakes to make it really, really hot,” Bandy said.

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