How to easily use Burst Fire mode in MW3 and Warzone

How to easily use Burst Fire mode in MW3 and Warzone
How to easily use Burst Fire mode in MW3 and Warzone

Burst Fire mode adds a tactical touch to your gameplay in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.

Unlike the fully automatic mode, a fixed number of bullets are fired with each trigger pull, which rewards precision and controlled bursts.

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In addition to the tactical advantage, there are challenges that require operator kills with burst fire, so mastering this technique can also help you unlock rewards.

This guide from ONE Esports will give you the knowledge to dominate the battlefield in Burst Fire mode.

Enabling Burst Mode in MW3 and WZ

Only a few weapons have the ability to fire bursts. Here is a complete list of all burst fire weapons available in the game:

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  • DG-56 (assault rifle)
  • FR 5.56 (assault rifle)
  • M16 (assault rifle)
  • Renetti (handgun)

By default, you can switch to burst fire by pressing the left D-pad button on a console or the Key “B” on a keyboard.

Tips for easy kills in Burst Fire mode

Burst fire allows you to better control recoil and aim your shots at medium range better than in full auto mode. It also allows you to fire fewer bullets per encounter, saving ammo.

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In addition, the unexpected salvo can surprise opponents, especially those who are expecting a fully automatic firestorm.

To maximize your rate of fire, pull the trigger as you would on a semi-automatic weapon. Short, controlled squeezes will ensure that each burst hits the target.

Practice firing controlled bursts at a steady pace. This will help maintain accuracy and control recoil.

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Salvo fire is particularly suitable for medium-range combat, where full automatic can be inaccurate and single shots require precise aiming.

When firing in burst mode, do not stand still. Move laterally and take cover to avoid enemy fire.

Burst fire takes some practice to master. Try it out in offline matches or game modes with bots to get a feel for the recoil and effective firing range before jumping into online battles.

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