Barn find of a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda hides a surprise under the hood

Barn find of a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda hides a surprise under the hood
Barn find of a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda hides a surprise under the hood

A rare 1971 Plymouth Barracuda was found covered in a layer of dust and dirt after being stored and seemingly forgotten for “years.”

The Plymouth Barracuda rolled off the Chrysler Corporation assembly line as early as 1964, with the introduction of the first generation two-door hardtop fastback model, whose parts and body were heavily influenced by the Plymouth Valiant.

The second generation was also based on the Valiant, but was heavily revised and, unlike its predecessor, was available as a two-door model in fastback, sedan and convertible versions.

The third and final generation – the type discovered in this impressive barn find – came out in 1970 and was an all-new design based on the Chrysler E-body. This car remained in production until the Barracuda was discontinued in 1974.

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How rare is the 1971 Barracuda?

The redesign proved to be a success and the Barracuda experienced one of its best-selling years ever in 1970, with almost 49,000 vehicles sold.

A year later, however, interest waned and only 16,492 cars were picked up.

In fact, some of the rarest models of the Barracuda were produced in 1971 – the HEMI, for example, was produced in a limited edition of just 114 units and a convertible version can sell for millions today.

And what about this specimen found covered in mud and dirt in a barn in Greenville, Ohio?

Although it is not the rarest specimen, it has some special features that make it a very special find.

Under the hood, the Barracuda was equipped with a big-block V8 with four cylinders and 383 cubic inches of displacement – making it just one of 2,153 vehicles ordered with this equipment, reports autoevolution.

Its three-speed automatic transmission makes it even rarer: only 1,434 examples were built. And last but not least, the first owner of this car opted for the premium equipment, which makes it – again – a little rarer: according to the finder, it is one of only 1,168 examples.

Rare, but we’ve seen rarer things – like this explorer who managed to find the largest collection of obscure cars in Europe.

What condition is the car in?

Let’s be honest: the car is not in particularly good condition.

Aside from the dirt caked on the bodywork, it looks like it would need a lot of work to get it running again.

From the photos you can see quite a bit of rust on the outside of the car and the engine will probably need to be rebuilt to get it running again.

The man who found the car noted that there were “no keys” and also stated that there was “no guarantee of condition.” However, we are fairly certain that in the right hands, the Barracuda could once again become an exceptional car.

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