That’s why this new taste is not available in Utah

That’s why this new taste is not available in Utah
That’s why this new taste is not available in Utah

Good luck finding Dr. Pepper Creamy Coconut in Southern Utah

A new Dr. Pepper flavor is hard to find in local stores. After its release, it enjoyed popularity across the country, but especially in Utah and Idaho, where 60% of the creamy coconut flavor was eaten up, according to KSL.

The story goes on to describe how the unexpected popularity of the drink forces the supplier to keep up with demand, and they work to source supplies from other markets to increase supply.

If you see it somewhere, buy me something

My wife, Tisha, and her coworkers are fans of the creamy coconut flavor. They’ve spotted the supplies disappearing from grocery store shelves and have made a deal: If either of them sees a store that stocks the supplies, they’ll buy several cases for each other.

On the way to a family reunion, we stopped at the Walmart in Ephraim. There was a stack of Dr. Pepper Creamy Coconut Zero and soon we left the store with 12 cases of the soda. Sorry, folks of Sanpete County, but your supply is now significantly reduced.

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Hopefully the nice people at Coca Cola sales can get the supply and demand problem under control. Otherwise my wife may have to sell her stock at a higher price.

I’m curious why Utah and Idaho love this flavor so much. Does coconut just taste better in the mountains? As an aside, the KSL story says that Dr. Pepper will be testing about 40 different flavors in the coming years.

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