Montclair real estate project receives Good Neighbor Award

Montclair real estate project receives Good Neighbor Award
Montclair real estate project receives Good Neighbor Award

MONTCLAIR, NJ – A real estate project in Montclair was recently recognized with a 2024 Good Neighbor Award by the New Jersey Business and Industry Association (NJBIA).

The NJBIA and its flagship publication, New Jersey Business Magazine, announced the 10 winners of their annual awards on Tuesday. The awards recognize businesses, institutions and nonprofits that have “contributed to the economic growth of the state” and their respective neighborhoods.

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This year’s list included a project that remodeled a 6,500-square-foot building in Montclair, designed by Sionas Architecture and built by Jack Finn & Company.

According to NJBIA, the project deserves recognition for the following reasons:

“This Colonial-style building, which became the Montclair National Bank in 1926 and later the Chase Bank, was sold in 2021 to the Bravitas Group, a real estate company known for repurposing architecturally interesting buildings. With 72 construction workers, the Bravitas Group transformed the 6,400-square-foot building – now called The National – into boutique office space and restored the facade by installing wood windows with trimmed panels that reflect the original design. Other changes included replacing the modern entrance with double-glazed doors reminiscent of an earlier era, restoring the building’s old clock, and repairing the facade’s original brick and stone elements. The developer was also able to add usable square footage to the interior by renovating unfinished spaces on the lower level and adding a mezzanine in the unfinished attic. Upon completion of construction in February 2023, The National became the home of Montclair Speech Therapy, a company with 28 full-time employees, with the bank’s main vault converted into an occupational therapy room for children.”

Michele Siekerka, president and CEO of the NJBIA, said the 10 winning projects generated a total of more than $80 million in investments, 1,047 construction jobs and nearly 1,000 permanent jobs, in addition to “providing valuable assets and generating tremendous economic activity.”

“These winning projects improve our quality of life, revitalize neighborhoods, provide valuable services and resources, and bring communities together,” Siekerka said. “We are grateful for the benefits these projects have brought to New Jersey and congratulate the winners.”

Full summaries and criteria for selecting winners can be found in the July issue of New Jersey Business Magazine.

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