How to watch the general election live: Follow Sky News coverage on TV, stream and online | UK news

How to watch the general election live: Follow Sky News coverage on TV, stream and online | UK news
How to watch the general election live: Follow Sky News coverage on TV, stream and online | UK news

Sky News offers live coverage and award-winning programming that shows you everything that happens as it happens, with commentary and analysis to help you process the most important developments.

Wednesday, July 3, 2024, 09:44, United Kingdom

The fastest results, the sharpest analysis and award-winning programming – as the General Election unfolds, Sky News brings you the full story first.

Whether you’re sitting comfortably in front of the TV, staying up to date on the go or wanting to find out about news from work, we report live on all our platforms and provide you with all the events as soon as they happen.

We’re bringing you expert commentary and analysis to help you digest the most important developments, starting with Election Day polls and continuing all weekend long.

What happens – and when?


On July 4, polling stations will be open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Due to strict reporting restrictions, there will be no coverage of political issues during this time.

But Sky News will still bring you colourful snapshots of election day, from the votes of top politicians to important issues such as Dogs in polling stations.

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9pm, Thursday to Friday

Main moderator Kay Burley will host Election Night Live, the nightly results program, from a 360-degree studio normally used by Sky Sports programs such as Monday Night Football.

As soon as the polls close at 10pm, Sky News will bring you the post-election poll – your first insight into the Parliamentary elections Results could have an impact.

Kay Burley unveils Sky’s Election Night Live studio

Andy Burnhamthe Mayor of Greater Manchester and former Labour MP, will be joined by the former leader of the Scottish Conservatives and star of Election dysfunction, Baroness Ruth Davidson.

Burley, who will be covering the UK general election for the 12th time, will also be joined by Sky News’ award-winning political editor. Beth Rigbythe moderator of our Sunday politics show Sir Trevor Phillipsand our business and data editor Ed Conway.

Conway will review the election data as it becomes available. It will appear on our dancefloor constituency map of the UK.

It also takes you inside Sky’s virtual Downing Street, complete with AI versions of Rishi Sunak, Sir Keir Starmer and Larry the Downing Street cat.

Ed Conway gives a sneak peek of his election data screens

The Sky News team will take viewers through the key results this evening, using this new technology to explain the poll data from every angle and give viewers the full story.

In addition, the post-election poll and the winner of the race for 10 Downing Street will be announced using an immersive, full-scale augmented reality view of Downing Street.

Election analyst Professor Michael Thrasher will also be on hand to provide statistical analysis of the election for Sky News, as he has done for every election since 1989.

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From 7 a.m. on the morning after the nationwide vote, leading political moderator Sophie Ridge – The wonderful world of the mountainsHosted by Sky’s Politics Hub programmewill be reporting live from Westminster, bringing viewers all the developments as the election result is processed and plans are made for the next government.

Ridge is assisted by a deputy political editor Sam Coates and Sky News staff Adam Boulton on this historic day when the nation awaits its next Prime Minister.

Sky News audiences will be the first to know what’s really going on: our reporters and cameras will be on the ballot count across the UK, revealing the dramatic results and hearing from candidates from across the political spectrum.

We have a series of Politics at Jack and Sam and special editions of Election dysfunction and that Sky News daily Podcasts.

Sam Coates, Sir Trevor Phillips, Sophy Ridge, Kay Burley, Beth Rigby and Ed Conway

How can I watch/stream/listen/follow?

You can do anything.

Follow the news online and via the Sky News app:

Our live blog will bring you the latest results, quick and in-depth analysis, reactions to the results from across the country and much more.

Follow every moment here in our Politics Hub.

Shortly after the polls close, we will show you the expected result for your constituency with a seat-by-seat search. And throughout the night we will be running an interactive live results service giving you both the overall picture and the result where you live.

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