Where can I find the Black Merchant Jester in Sol’s RNG?

Where can I find the Black Merchant Jester in Sol’s RNG?
Where can I find the Black Merchant Jester in Sol’s RNG?

The Black Merchant Fool is one of the special NPCs you can meet on the map in Sol’s RNG from Roblox. This character offers some valuable goods, but to buy them you need to know where to find the black merchant fool.

Tracking down this character can be difficult as there are always many players roaming around the map. If you are hoping to purchase some valuable items, here is where to find the black merchant fool in Sol’s RNG from Roblox.

Location of the Black Merchant Jester in Sol’s RNG

The Black Merchant Jester in Sol's RNG by Roblox.
Trade special goods with this rare NPC. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Black Merchant Jester has no permanent location in Sol’s RNG as this NPC instead occasionally appears randomly on the map. This character can appear anywhere and at any time, which means you will have to constantly wander around and look for him, although you will be looking for the violet light can make it easier to find.

When I first found the NPC Black Merchant Jester, he was wandering around the floating island east of the spawn point. The next time I saw him, he was more in the middle of the map, right next to a tree. Regardless of where he spawns, this character always has a Three-minute timerthat means, you only stay for three minutes and then disappear.

Every time the Black Merchant Jester appears, A violet beam of light shines on their location to help you track them down and get a decent loud horn-like noise plays to highlight their arrival. You only have three minutes to find them each time they appear, and they seem to appear quite rarely in my experience, so you should always get to them as quickly as possible to make sure you don’t miss your chance.

The Black Merchant Jester is different from the Traveling Merchant Mari, who is generally much easier to find, but you will need to find this NPC if you want to claim the Oblivion Aura. It’s not one of the rarest auras you can get, but it’s certainly still a special one since you can only get it from this character.

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