Elden Ring: Shadow of the Earth Tree

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Earth Tree
Elden Ring: Shadow of the Earth Tree

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Earth Tree expands your magic repertoire with Introduction of new spell types to the game, including Mequillan, Messmer and Spiral spells. The Giant Golden Arch Summoning is a spiral spell type and can found in the ruins of Untelocated in the depths of Scadu Altus.

To receive the summoning, you must awaken an inactive furnace golemUsing a Strong oven pot which will clear the way to the temple where the spell is located. The following guide will help you find the necessary items you need to craft the Great Furnace Pot and help you reach the location of the summoning.



Shadow of the Earth Tree: Iris of Grace and Iris of Concealment explained

The unique consumables Iris of Mercy and Iris of Concealment have special uses in two NPC quests in Shadow of the Erdtree.

How to make a strong oven pot in the shade of the earth tree

Elden Ring – Shadow of the Earth Tree – Strong Oven Pots

If you don’t already have a Large Melting Pot in your inventory, you’ll first need to find the following items to craft one:

Great Potentate’s Cookbook (2) and Location of the Furnace Face

The Greater Potentate Cookbook (2) and two Furnace Visages are located in a small hut southeast of Greatbridge North side of Grace.

Heavy Cracked Pot Site

Elden Ring – Shadow of the Earth Tree – Location of the Large Cracked Pot

There are ten Hefty Cracked Pots in total in Shadow of the Earth TreeHowever, if you haven’t found a Hefty Cracked Pot yet, you can acquire one fairly early in the game. Start exploring the Scorched Ruins Site of Graceand then travel south to the burnt ruins. Reach the eastern platform and take the pot from a corpse.

In Belurat Prison you will also find three large broken pots.

Redflesh Munshroom Location

Elden Ring – Shadow of the Earth Tree – Location of the Red Flesh Mushroom

Red-fleshed mushroom is an important ingredient required to make all types of Hefty Pots. These mushrooms are found throughout the Land of Shadow, and an early place to grow this ingredient is near the Pillar Path Cross Site of Grace.

From here, you can ride a short distance north to find four Red Flesh Mushrooms. Collect them and fast travel to the Pillar Path Cross Site of Grace and repeat the process to collect more. However, to craft the Hefty Furnace Pot, You only need two red flesh mushrooms.

Ember Of Messmer Location

Elden Ring – Shadow of the Earth Tree – Location of the Ember of Messmer

While you can find Messmer Embers scattered throughout the Land of Shadows, one of them can also be found in the Ruins of Unte, the same place where the Giant Golden Arch’s incantation can be found.

From that Castle Watering Hole Site of GraceRide east to discover a dilapidated house. Climb the house and reach the west-facing balcony to Pick up a Messmer Ember from a corpse.

You now have all the necessary ingredients and recipe to make a large melting pot.


Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree – What to do with the memory of the Boar Rider?

After defeating Commander Gaius in Elden Ring, it’s time to figure out how to best utilize his memory of the Boar Rider.

Where to find the giant golden bow summon in the shadow of the earth tree

Elden Ring – Shadow of the Earth Tree – Awakening a Furnace Golem

To find the Giant Golden Arc spell, start at the Castle-Watering Hole Site of Grace and go east towards the inactive furnace golem blocking an entrance.

Mount Torrent and climb the adjacent ruins to get higher than the Golem. Now throw a powerful Furnace Pot at the Furnace Golem to activate it.

When the golem becomes active again, immediately drop to the ground and run to the temple. Inside the temple there is a chest with the spell “Giant Golden Bow”.

Overview of “Giant Golden Arc Incantation”

Sorcery of the Inquisitors of the Tower, used to summon the Spiral. A swing of the arm releases a huge golden bow. Charging increases effectiveness. The bow resembles the barb, a well-known symbol of forced interrogation.

Attribute requirement




The Giant Golden Arch is a spiral spell that takes up one slot and costs 24 FP to cast.

The spell creates a wide arc that damages all enemies in the arc. It also passes through enemies, to harm everyone behind the main goal. The Giant Golden Bow spell is an excellent crowd control spell, but it has a slow travel speed.

You can also charge the spell to increase its effectiveness and cast it while you Spiral Tree Seal increases his damage even further.

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