Is Keith Urban releasing a new album? Here’s when you can get “HIGH.”

Is Keith Urban releasing a new album? Here’s when you can get “HIGH.”
Is Keith Urban releasing a new album? Here’s when you can get “HIGH.”

HIGH, Keith Urban’s 13th studio album, features artists such as BRELAND and Lainey Wilson and focuses on his struggle to enjoy life in the here and now in a content-driven era.


Keith Urban has announced September 20th as the release date for “HIGH,” his 13th studio album.

The release is his first album in almost four years after “The Speed ​​​​of Now Part 1”.

A press release states that the 12-track release will cover themes such as “life, human relationships, letting go and some personal life revelations.”

“I’ve always been fascinated by the theme of living in the here and now, because that’s all there is, and it’s hard to do that,” says Urban. “And these days, with so much ‘content’ coming at us, it can feel like drinking from a fire hose.”

The album can currently be pre-saved and pre-ordered at

He further adds about the album title: “What makes you ‘high’ can mean anything you want it to. It can be physical, spiritual, herbal, meditative, chemical or musical, but it’s definitely a place of utopia. For me, it’s my family, my friends and this musical rollercoaster I’m on. Playing guitar, writing songs and the place where I always feel high – live performances. Every night I have the chance to give people energy and relaxation.”

Urban is still a solo trendsetter a quarter century into his Nashville career, and he’s also willing to collaborate with people he honestly believes are the current and future trendsetters of the country’s mainstream.

Of particular note is the collaboration with Lainey Wilson on “GO HOME WU,” which featured co-writing by another Academy of Country Music Award-winning country radio chart-topper, BRELAND.

These connections, and the power of contemporary Nashville songwriting, almost led Urban to deviate from his progressive-minded creativity upon release, instead opting for the “focused and disciplined” route of calling the album “615,” in reference to the range of styles evident in Nashville’s artistic revival.

For Urban, this process seemed appropriate, but as a cohesive group of songs, the end product was underwhelming.

But there was also a silver lining: Urban was portrayed in a new light, where he stands as a leading inspiration in the Music City of 2024 – and no longer just one among many creatives.

Urban says of the abandoned “615” project: “There was no continuity. The songs didn’t fit together well. I learned that what I thought was a framework within which I could work turned out to be musically limiting.”

Tracks like the newly released “WILDSIDE” give a first impression of where Urban is heading with new strength and his greatest creative scope to date:

A press release describes the song as “a straightforward, feel-good party song loosely based on Joan Cusack’s role in the film ‘School of Rock’.”

“During the day she is the principal of a school, very decent and respectable,” says Urban. “But in the evening a few tequilas and anything is possible.”

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