What the Spurs love about Stephon Castle’s “sacrifice”

What the Spurs love about Stephon Castle’s “sacrifice”
What the Spurs love about Stephon Castle’s “sacrifice”

Stephon Castle is officially a San Antonio Spur. According to the organization’s general manager, Castle was already a Spur in some capacity before Brian Wright and his team drafted him as the fourth pick in the first round of the NBA Draft.

Gregg Popovich, the team’s Hall of Fame head coach, often praises players who “stepped up above and beyond,” and Wright struck that exact tone when describing the former Connecticut Husky.

“He played with and without the ball in high school and did things that he just couldn’t show at UConn sometimes because of how good and deep and experienced he was,” Wright said. “His ability to sacrifice himself for the good of the team is something we noticed as well, because that’s something you have to do throughout your career; everyone does.”

“For him, the team comes first.”

Wright had a lot to say about the Spurs’ fourth lottery win in the last four years.

Spurs GM talks about Stephon Castle

Stephon Castle arrives at Barclays Center for the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs’ top basketball manager answered quickly and decisively when asked what he liked about Castle.

“A lot of different things. He’s very versatile. He’s tough. He’s smart. Most of the time you don’t see highly rated players that go to a school (college) and are ready to play a role,” Wright continued. “He’s a hard worker and he comes from a program where you know they’re coached hard every day. They work hard, they train hard, they’re competitive and they execute. That meant a lot to us.”

Like Victor Wembanyama last year and Jeremy Sochan, Josh Primo and Devin Vassell as lottery picks in the previous three drafts, the Black and Silver have had their eye on Castle for some time.

“It wasn’t the first time he’d heard of him. We’d seen him on the high school scene, he was a pretty highly rated high school player. We try to spend as much time as we can with these guys and get to know them,” Wright said. “We spent time at practice, going to games, even on the grassroots scene when we got to see these guys, trying to make sure we knew them well. He was someone we knew a lot about and when the opportunity came our way, we were really excited to sign him.”

Although Castle has played point guard and wants to play that position, Wright doesn’t think it matters where the 6’6″ guard lines up.

“He’s a basketball player. I think you’re going to see him everywhere. As much as he played point guard in high school, you saw him set a block and roll to the basket and finish. That kind of versatility is great. Guys come in and work and show you where they’re best. We’ll see where that lands, but he’s got great skills, great versatility and we’re excited to see where that goes.”

Castle will get his first taste of the NBA when the Spurs begin Summer League play next month.

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