What do people really think about you online? (Find out with ChatGPT)

What do people really think about you online? (Find out with ChatGPT)
What do people really think about you online? (Find out with ChatGPT)

If you’ve been writing content, sharing your opinions and hitting publish for a few years, you’ve built your social media presence to a solid level. You’re probably pretty proud of the Google results for your name. Maybe you’ve secured press coverage and given interviews to share your expertise. But what does your online presence really say about you? Are you making the right impression with everything you post? Find out now with ChatGPT.

This simple ChatGPT prompt gives you a comprehensive analysis of your online presence from multiple perspectives. With an unbiased view of your appearance, you can decide what to stop, start or change.

What does your online presence say about you? ChatGPT asks you to give an unbiased opinion

Complete the square brackets and paste them into ChatGPT. For best results, use ChatGPT plus (since you need real-time access to the Internet) or another large language model (LLM) of your choice.

“Your job is to research (your name) and (describe who you are in a business context). (If there are multiple options for the same name, consider which ones you want to analyze before moving on.) In your evaluation, answer the following questions:

How can you summarize this person’s online presence from different perspectives?

What does your online presence say about your accessibility?

How might their followers and professional network perceive this person based on their online activities?

What would a cynical look at their online activities reveal?

How might a supportive colleague with familiarity bias view this person?

How does this person appear to scammers or identity thieves based on their online presence?

Is there anything about your online activities that could be embarrassing from a reputational perspective?

How can that person ensure that their digital self accurately represents who they are and who they want to be?”

Founders and business leaders tried this challenge: Here’s what they said

“I got an amazingly accurate result in about 5 seconds,” said LinkedIn consultant Peter Sleightholme, while growth marketer Paul Fernandez called the exercise a “humbling experience” and said he enjoyed the cynical aspect of the prompt.

“It’s a great way to get an objective assessment of your online presence and make sure you’re making the right impression,” says Moshe Pesach, B2B growth consultant, and JayDee Lok, tech marketing manager at Mastercard, says, “It felt like my self-esteem got a little boost.”

As with every ChatGPT prompt shared online, those who didn’t like the output spoke up and explained why. One person who wasn’t impressed that ChatGPT didn’t know him said, “If you want hallucinations… this is how you get hallucinations,” after the AI ​​tool shared information about someone else.

Avoid this by providing more context about your identity and even sharing links to your profiles to be absolutely sure. ChatGPT is a machine, not a human. If there is a risk of ambiguity because you have the same name as others, provide that information so your results are useful.

Improve your personal brand online: Take action according to the ChatGPT prompt

Once you have your assessment, decide how you feel. Does your personal brand reflect the effort you’ve put in, or is there still work to be done? Try to create some separation between you and your online presence so you can look at it from a distance rather than developing too strong an emotional attachment.

If you’re starting from scratch, learn as much as you can and create a personal branding plan with the mindset of a beginner. If you’re already well-positioned, figure out how to 10x your results and achieve more online. Study the strategies of those whose personal brands were built through trial and error, especially those who share their experiences and pass on their learnings.

Evaluate, adjust, and move on. After 90 days of consistent effort, test again using the prompt. There could be significant business gains on the other side of this evaluation, as long as you take action now.

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