Elden Ring Abyssal Woods | How to survive the new location

Elden Ring Abyssal Woods | How to survive the new location
Elden Ring Abyssal Woods | How to survive the new location

One such area is the Abyssal Woods.

It’s optional, so you don’t have to play this section. But it’s a fantastic location with an aesthetic and themes similar to those in Bloodborne, so it would be a shame to miss it… just prepare yourself for a challenge.

Let’s take a look at what awaits you in the Abyssal Woods and how to survive.

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Where are the Abyssal Woods in Elden Ring?

We should point out here that this is not an area that you can reach directly. You must have reached the Shadow Fortress, located in the Scadu Altus region. but quite advanced.

Once you get there, look for the boats with the flames in the courtyard. Climb down a ladder to the east of them, then go into the waterfall until you find another ladder to descend. You’ll find yourself in a room with a wall you can break through to reveal a path at the end of which there’s a coffin you can climb into.

The coffin will take you to a new location. From here, head south from the flooded ruins of Unte until you come to a series of waterfalls (and a large golem, so be careful). Now follow the cliff on the left (be sure to rest by the fire) and look out for the gaps. You may need a horse to jump them!

Eventually you’ll reach the edge of a cliff with tomb-like platforms jutting out of the rock face. Jump down and head south along the river until you reach more tombstones of the same type jutting down a cliff in another area.

Climb down, follow the rock face and You will find the entrance to the Darklight Catacombs.

Complete this dungeon, defeat the boss and you can enter the Abyssal Woods!

How to survive Abyssal Woods in Elden Ring

Probably the best way to survive in the Abyssal Woods, especially if you’re not a confident fighter. is to hide in the bushes and not be seen.

Let your inner Solid Snake run wild and treat it like a stealth mission.

Be patient, watch your opponent’s patterns and only move when you get a chance. But is there another option?

How to kill the Abyssal Woods Untouchables in Elden Ring

As I said, this is a difficult area. One annoying enemy you’ll encounter is the Old One, a beast with glowing yellow eyes spread across his bloated head. Nice, right?

And if they even touch you, they will drive your Tarnished mad. At first we think it is impossible to kill them, but that is not the case. You can defeat them by increasing their aggro and then parrying their deadly attack.

Be careful not to get touched and good luck!

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