How to find the oil rig in Palworld’s new update

How to find the oil rig in Palworld’s new update
How to find the oil rig in Palworld’s new update

The first major content drop for Palworld is here and with it a robust new fortress called Oil Rig.

Ignoring the obvious fact that an oil rig is a somewhat odd addition and probably not just a tweaked asset pack for the Unreal Engine, let’s first realize that the biggest problem here is actually finding it.

So what do we know? Well, oil rigs are offshore, so we know they’re not on land, and we can tell you that you can’t see them from land either – they’re surrounded by thick fog. So let us get you there with minimal fuss.

How to find the oil rig

The oil rig in Palword doesn’t have a fast travel point, so we’ll use the closest one. Also, since it’s not on land, we’ll need a flying (or swimming) mount to reach it. You can’t get there without one of these mounts.

Fast travel to the Marsh Island waypoint. The oil rig is much further east, but we can’t get any closer.

According to the Palworld map, the coordinates are 608, -435. If you go in that direction, you won’t see the rig until you’re very close to it due to the bad weather around it.

Tip: If you approach with a flying mount, the vehicle’s defenses will attack you before you even get too close. Use a floating mount if possible.

You should be at least level 50 before attempting to conquer this fortress.

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