How to Skip Rellana in the Shadow of the Earth Tree (Scadu Altus Shortcut)

How to Skip Rellana in the Shadow of the Earth Tree (Scadu Altus Shortcut)
How to Skip Rellana in the Shadow of the Earth Tree (Scadu Altus Shortcut)

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Earth Tree offers a variety of secrets and shortcuts for the enterprising Tarnished who are clever enough to find them. It should be a must for fans of Elden Ring that the DLC continues the tradition of hidden paths and secret routes that allow players to get past extremely difficult bosses or areas. For those players who hope that such a path will allow them to skip Rellana, Twin Moon Knight, this guide will bring good news. In fact, there is such a path that allows players to bypass Ensis Castle and acts as a Abbreviation for Scadu Altus.


Brand new DLC weapons in Shadow of the Erdtree

There are over a hundred new weapons in Shadow of the Erdtree, many of which belong to one of eight completely new weapon types.

Can you skip Rellana in the shadow of the Earth Tree?


Players who want to skip Rellana, Twin Moon Knight and go to Scadu Altus can do so very early Shadow of the earth tree. It is true that the game’s “main path” is designed to take you to the more difficult region after passing the swirling skill wall of a boss who Rellana so obvious. The exit to their arena is literally the official entrance to Scadu Altus. But as anyone who has ever played a FromSoftware game will tell you, they love to hide secret paths throughout the game. And when they are there, they are meant to be used. So the answer is: yes, you can skip Rellana in Shadow of the earth tree.

How to skip Rellana and enter Scadu Altus early


The first step to skip Rellana is to reach the Castle Front site of Grace near Castle Ensis. It may worry players to get so close to Rellana, but don’t worry, we won’t get any closer. From Castle Front, follow these steps:

  • Out of Castle frontWalk east along the main road. At the fork, stay on the upper, marked path.
  • After passing the spiked barrier and the trail begins to curve, keep left and ride along the rock face.
  • Head towards the cliff. You should see an enemy standing right at the edge. From here you should start descending into the ravine below.
  • Walk down to the bottom of the gorge. There are several ledges that will allow you to descend safely.
  • When you reach the bottom, go up the opposite side. When you reach the top, stay close to the left side of the gorge, against the rock wall.
  • Continue along the rock wall and you will eventually reach a blocked Spiritspring. If you Elder’s HutYou have gone too far.
  • The stones you need to remove to open the spring are located at the top of the ledge that rises just a little bit east of the Spirit Spring.
  • As soon as the spirit spring is free, use it to jump onto a ledge, then turn right and find the second spirit spring. This is open and will take you to the place of mercy “Behind the Fort of Rebuke”.

You are now in the Scadu Altus. You can leave the Fort of Reprimand and explore at your leisure. There are a number of powerful items in the region, but you may want to pick up the Scadu Altus map fragment first. Be careful when you leave the rock tunnel that leads in and out of the fort grounds, as a giant Ghostflame Dragon lurks just there. If you decide to defeat it, however, you will receive one of the Shadow of the Earth Tree’s some dark old dragonforge stones that might be helpful. You should return at some point to face Rellana, as Rellana’s Twin Blade are extremely useful in the early game.

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