How can the Democrats oust Joe Biden?

How can the Democrats oust Joe Biden?
How can the Democrats oust Joe Biden?

“Chaotic process”

The obvious choice would be his vice president, Kamala Harris. But her poll numbers are even worse than Biden’s.

Gavin Newsom, the left-leaning governor of California, is often mentioned as a possible successor. But Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan, or Sherrod Brown, the senator from Ohio, the last Democrat in office in a solidly Republican state, could also enter the race.

Mr Biden could endorse Ms Harris at the convention, but given her poor poll numbers, that might not be enough leverage for her to win.

The process could drag on and involve multiple rounds of voting if Democrats do not agree on an alternative before the convention.

“That would open up the whole field,” says Garry South, a longtime Democratic strategist. “In August, multiple candidates would be fighting for the nomination” in a “chaotic process that would almost guarantee that we lose in November.”

It will be closely watched to what extent these alternatives stand united behind Mr Biden in the course of this debate.

Since they have all supported the president, it is unlikely that they will now approach him with force and openly challenge him.

Even if they were to replace him as the Democratic candidate, entering the race so late would create enormous practical and financial problems.

Only Mr. Biden currently has the resources to advertise, host events and hire staff for a major election campaign.

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