Helps young people in the North find their voice through writing

Helps young people in the North find their voice through writing
Helps young people in the North find their voice through writing

For further debate

What should we discuss further regarding child-rearing conditions in the North?

“We should continue to discuss child protection services. It is very important to have a strong child protection service in Norway. However, some major challenges need to be addressed in order for the measures to really be the best for children and young adults. I am thinking in particular of the many moves that many young people have to go through. Many experience up to 20 moves by the time they are 18 years old. It is obvious that this is not a sustainable practice,” Liabø replies.

In addition, we should revive the discussion about bullying – and start it again, she believes.

“Today, it has become almost old-fashioned to talk about bullying. It is hardly a ‘buzzword’ anymore. But bullying destroys young people. We must never forget that.”

“We should also dare to talk about supporting parents. In my experience, many parents are unsure how to deal with various problems. They need support to raise their children and to be there for them. I don’t know exactly where that help should start, but I think that’s something we need to figure out.”

Given the complex

We also have to learn that the world is difficult, believes Liabø.

Violence and crime are spreading in society. Climate change and war are looming.

“I think all of us, young people and adults, need to be critical and raise our eyes: put down our phones and look each other in the eye; talk about the societal challenges around us and dare to face them,” she says.

This learning process can also be supported and stimulated by the arts.

“Through art, such as theatre performances and concerts, you have places for encounters and shared experiences. You can address and develop the debate in society in various interesting, funny and strange ways. You have the means of light, sound and scenography to captivate the audience and get them talking.

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