How to Catch a Stalking Catfish

How to Catch a Stalking Catfish
How to Catch a Stalking Catfish

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With many different fish to discover in Paliásome of them are only active at night, so players will have to search for them late at night. Some of these fish are also very rare, meaning you’ll need to bring the right materials to catch them.



The Stalking Catfish is one of those fish that is difficult to catch, but it is entirely possible if you know the right methods. If you want to catch one, here is everything you need to know to catch it.


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Where to stalk catfish in Palia

Unlike some fish that occur in wide regions, Paliáas in the entire ocean or in rivers, the Stalking Catfish can only be found in certain places in Ponds. Fortunately, you can do it on both the Bahari Bay Map and the Kilima Valley Map. Here are all the areas where it can be found:

  • Kilima Valley
    • Ruins of Mirror Pond
    • Leafhopper Hills Pond
    • Mayor’s Estate Pond
  • Bahari Bay
    • The Outskirts Pond
    • Old Aqueduct Pond
    • Hodari & Najuma’s Pond
    • Hideaway Bluffs Pond

You can use the three map images above as a reference for the exact locations where the Stalking Catfish can be spotted in both Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay. When you arrive at one of these designated locations, you must be well prepared to catch this rarity.


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How to catch catfish on the prowl in Palia

If you have decided on a pond, you need to requirements to even have a chance of catching a stalking catfish. This includes:

  • You can every fishing rod to catch the stalking catfish.
  • You must use Firefly as bait to get the fish on the hook, otherwise they won’t come.
  • The Stalking Catfish only appears at night. This ranges from 6pm to 3am

Fireflies are a relatively advanced bait that only becomes available once you have unlocked the Firefly Farm recipe at Fishing Level 7. You can buy the recipe from the Fisherman’s Guild for 2,000 gold. You can place a variety of items in the firefly farm to produce fireflies, including apples or blueberries. Keep in mind that your chances of catching a Stalking Catfish are about 18 percent, so don’t give up too quickly. Once you have one, you can use it for cooking, display it in your house, give it away, or sell it for a profit.



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