What are Akimbo Kills in MW3 and how do you get them quickly?

What are Akimbo Kills in MW3 and how do you get them quickly?
What are Akimbo Kills in MW3 and how do you get them quickly?

Players must complete various challenges in Modern Warfare 3 to unlock certain weapons, spare parts, and other items.

One of the types of challenges involves getting a specific type of operator kills called Akimbo kills.

In this guide we will explain how to easily get Akimbo kills in MW3.

How to easily get Akimbo kills in MW3

Akimbo Kills in MW3 – Akimbo Weapons
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You can get akimbo kills with akimbo weapons, which are dual pistols, submachine guns and shotguns. These must be equipped in the equipment section at the gunsmith. Some weapons have the akimbo option in the rear grip section, while others have it as a conversion kit.

Akimbo weapons do not allow you to aim down sights, so you must use them in hip fire mode, so they are best used at close range.

So, you also need to use attachments that improve hip-fire accuracy. It is also recommended to use armor-piercing ammo so you can take out your enemies quickly. Overall, you need to customize your Akimbo gear properly to maximize its potential.

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To kill Akimbo easily, it is recommended to play in small map playlists as they are better suited for close combat. In addition, 24/7 playlists are also a convenient way to achieve this. If you find multiplayer boring, you can still play zombies and defeat hordes in classic Akimbo style.

All Akimbo weapons in MW3

Here are all the Akimbo weapons in Modern Warfare 3:

  • COR-45
  • Renee
  • Tyr
  • WSP Stinger
  • P89-
  • .50GS
  • X12
  • basilisk
  • FTAC Siege
  • GS Magna
  • 9mm Daemon
  • X13 Car
  • WSP swarm
  • Lockwood MK 2
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You can select one of them and use it as an Akimbo weapon from the loadout section.

That’s everything you need to know to get akimbo kills quickly in Modern Warfare 3.

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