Together with Houston Happens we will get through this!

Together with Houston Happens we will get through this!
Together with Houston Happens we will get through this!

HOUSTON (KIAH) – It’s Thursday, July 11, and many Houstonians are still without power and are understandably beyond frustrated and exhausted. But we are true Houstonians and we will get through this together, as we always do.

More than a million people are still without power. The big question is when the lights will come back on. Host Maggie Flecknoe goes straight to the source on today’s show to get the latest timeline from CenterPoint Energy.

We’ll hear from the Mayor, who asks for patience and understanding as crews work around the clock to restore power, but he also wants to make sure everyone knows what resources are available to them. Stay tuned for more great resources and more on Houston Happens!

Kids Meals Inc.

After the storm, Kids’ Meals Inc. was a lifeline for many children and their families. They are the only organization in the country that FREEhealthy meals for preschool children. Now they need our help more than ever.

Please consider donating to Kids’ Meals Inc. today and help them continue their important work of feeding hungry children in our community. Your donation will truly make a difference in the lives of these children and their families.

Southern Smoke Foundation

The Southern Smoke Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has been helping workers in the food and beverage industry since 2015. After Hurricane Beryl, the foundation received numerous requests for assistance from workers affected by power outages and other storm-related issues.

The Southern Smoke Foundation is ready to help, but they need our help too. Please consider donating so they can continue to provide vital support to those in need. Founding Director, Chris Schaeferare with us today to talk about their work and how we can help.

Houston Food Bank

It’s been a tough week, but we’ll get through it, together! 713 DAY is just around the corner and we are pleased that Kathy Lipman from the Houston Food Bank and Brian Ching from the Houston Dynamo. These two incredible organizations helped our city recover from the storm, and they will tell us how we can all help, too.

Houston Botanical Garden

713 DAY is a day to celebrate H-Town! The Houston Botanic Garden will be offering discounted prices in honor of the day, and they could really use the ticket sales after the cleanup after Hurricane Beryl. The garden was closed for a few days after the hurricane, but is now open again with a few minor changes. Staff had to clear away some debris and fallen trees, but were able to save most of the plants. Justin Lacey is with us and tells you more about the celebration and how we can help.


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