Once Human is now available to stream on GeForce Now

Once Human is now available to stream on GeForce Now
Once Human is now available to stream on GeForce Now

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  • “Once Human” is now available on the streaming service Nvidia GeForce Now.
  • The game has been confirmed to be added on July 11, 2024.

Once Human is playable as part of the GeForce Now library starting this week. Nividia confirmed this in a press release, sharing all the details about the popular game and its lauded inclusion in the GeForce Now streaming library. On Thursday, July 11, Nvidia announced that you can now play Once Human on the streaming service.

Once Human Emote: Meta-human emotes in the game.Once Human Emote: Meta-human emotes in the game.
Image taken by VideoGamer

Until now, Once Human was only playable on Steam and mobile devices. Now, the game can be enjoyed through Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service, meaning no long download times. According to Nvidia’s press release, Once Human was added along with two other games. As a free-to-play game, Once Human can be enjoyed on the streaming service completely free of charge.

Nvidia also announced that the game will be free to stream, but there are incentives to purchase an Ultimate or Priority membership to stream Once Human on multiple platforms with better resolution and frame rate. The post states: “Gaming sessions will last up to six hours for Priority members and eight hours for Ultimate members, enough time to explore the cosmic mysteries of Once human“.

In Once Human, your task is to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has been completely changed. Monsters now roam the earth and you must use the power of stardust to navigate this land, making friends and enemies along the way. Once Human is technically an open-world MMO, where you encounter other players in the world.

Nvidia further writes about the game: “Experience elements of survival, crafting, and combat as you challenge players to gather resources, build shelter, and fend off human and monstrous threats. Explore the rich lore through interactions with various characters and artifacts scattered throughout the world.” Anger Foot was another game added alongside Once Human. In this title from Devolver Digital, you fight against anthropomorphic enemies.

Starting July 11, 2024, you can play Once Human on Nvidia GeForce NOW.

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