How to get all E. Gadd medals in Luigi’s Mansion 2

How to get all E. Gadd medals in Luigi’s Mansion 2
How to get all E. Gadd medals in Luigi’s Mansion 2

Once players have defeated the final boss and completed the main quest, Luigi’s Mansion 2they will notice a medal with E. Gadd’s face in their save file. This is just one of three, and fans who really want to complete 100% Luigi’s Mansion 2 must acquire the three E. Gadd medals.


Luigi’s Mansion 2: 100% Checklist

Here are all the objectives players need to achieve to complete Luigi’s Mansion 2 100%.

In this guide, players will learn everything they need to know about these medals and how to obtain them.

Players can display up to three Professor E. Gadd medals in their save file in Luigi’s Mansion 2but to do so they must meet these requirements:

Medal #1 – Complete the Dark Moon quest

Dark Moon Piece Luigi's Mansion 2

  • Complete 29 main story missions.

To complete the Dark Moon Quest in Luigi’s Mansion 2the players must owner who holds the piece of the Dark Moon in each villa, and then fight against the final bossA total of 29 levels must be completed.

Medal #2 – Achieve a 3-star rank in every mission.

Luigi's Mansion 2 3-Star Rank

  • Achieve a 3-star rank in every main and bonus mission.

Next, players must first catch all the Boo in each villa so that they can unlock the five bonus missions that are available in Luigi’s Mansion 2. Then, You must achieve a 3-star rank in all main story levels, boss fights and bonus missions. When you reach a 3-star rank in each level of the game, one of Professor E. Gadd’s medals will be unlocked in Luigi’s Mansion 2.

Medal #3 – Complete E. Gadd’s Vault Collections

Luigi's Mansion 2 Collection

  • Find all the gems and boo
  • Catch every type of ghost in single player and multiplayer modes.

Professor E. Gadd owns several collections that players can view in the Vault below. To earn the final medal, players must complete each collection. This means they must collect 20,000G worth of treasure to unlock the final Poltergust 5000 upgrade, retrieve all gems, hunt down all ghosts in Evershade Valley and ScareScraper, and find and catch Boos in each mansion.

What happens when you get all the E. Gadd medals?

It takes quite a while to collect all available Professor E. Gadd medals in Luigi’s Mansion 2and since it’s standard in many Nintendo games, it doesn’t reward players much. Once players have earned the three medals, they will appear above their save file on the title screen..

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD

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