How the Galaxy Z Flip6 can help improve employee experience in any company

How the Galaxy Z Flip6 can help improve employee experience in any company
How the Galaxy Z Flip6 can help improve employee experience in any company

Every single employee counts. Your most junior sales rep could close the deal that allows the company to hit its revenue goal. Half a dozen marketing team members might be needed to brainstorm your brand’s breakthrough campaign. A service rep might only handle one customer at a time, but they represent the face of the entire organization.

That’s why it’s more important than ever that companies do everything they can to make the employee experience (EX) as good as possible. For example, 94% of business leaders believe that improved EX has a direct impact on their bottom line.1

These improvements can be achieved through smarter HR policies, culture-building efforts, and strong leadership, but the tools provided to employees also play an important role. With the right mobile devices, team members can be more productive, collaborative, and focused on important tasks.

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6shows, for example, that Galaxy AI* for Business is here, with a foldable device that delivers a more personal, useful and secure mobile experience than ever before.

When employees open the Galaxy Z Flip6, they will quickly discover these EX benefits:

Dynamic options for flexible working

Work is no longer always a place where employees go. Many companies are allowing employees to work anywhere, from the traditional office to home and everywhere in between. Companies have responded with hybrid work policies that offer employees flexibility, but they also need to ensure they can easily do their best work in non-traditional settings.

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Let’s say an employee is at a trade show and wants to take a photo with a customer for marketing purposes. The Galaxy Z Flip6’s FlexCam with Galaxy AI not only allows for hands-free use, but can also automatically keep everyone in the frame and zoom in for a clear image.

Other employees may prefer to work outside between meetings. But even when they’re in the shade, the Galaxy Z Flip6’s display matches the brightness levels of the Galaxy S24.

Elsewhere, an agent might be on-site, talking to their customer with their phone closed, but thanks to Flex Window with Galaxy AI, they can discreetly tap or swipe through messages and use text suggestions for quick replies based on the context of the sender’s message.

In fact, the Galaxy Z Flip6 is designed to accomplish many other tasks quickly and easily. For example, employees can use the case to get directions to their next meeting or dive into their most-used apps with just one hand. The integration with Galaxy Buds3 Pro is especially handy when an employee is using Galaxy AI features like Live Translate while listening to someone speaking in a foreign language on a video or at an industry event.

A balance between team culture and personal style

Even if employees are only in the office a few days a week, they need to feel connected to their colleagues and feel like they’re part of a real team effort. Thankfully, that no longer means setting up a clunky video conferencing system with a large monitor propped up by a stack of books.

Instead, employees can connect with the Galaxy Z Flip6 using Google Meet Live Sharing. When they need to communicate big ideas, they can use the internal screen to edit presentations and projects. No matter where they are, they can put their phone in Flex mode and put it down to work hands-free while collaborating and connecting with colleagues.

Of course, even the best team players are still unique individuals, which is why people traditionally add a personal touch to their office or cubicle. The Galaxy Z Flip6 builds on this idea by offering the ability to personalize the cover screen. Whether it’s their preferred apps or favorite widgets – like Samsung Wallet, which always takes center stage when it’s time to buy a much-needed coffee – they can truly make their device their own.

AI and automation to facilitate manual tasks

A sales rep takes a snapshot of what’s on the screen at a conference but struggles to get it to look good enough for his next presentation. A member of the marketing team has similar issues using some impromptu product images he took for social media posts.

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Few people receive professional training for tasks like photo editing, but many of us have to do it. This is just one example of the time-consuming tasks that hamper employee productivity and often lead to frustration.

The Galaxy Z Flip6 solves this problem with features like Photo Assist with Galaxy AI. As soon as you take a picture, it can instantly move objects out of the background, fix imperfections, and enhance colors as needed to turn it into professional content. This AI approach takes the hassle out of it so employees can enjoy the creative process.

A stronger focus on challenging work

AI and automation not only help employees reduce or delegate routine work, technology can also make their talents shine.

For example, a sales rep can use Live Translate with Galaxy AI on the Galaxy Z Flip6 to engage customers in 16 different languages. A marketer may have little direct experience creating video content, but can use the Galaxy Z Flip6’s Camcorder mode to capture footage and control the camera with one hand in Flex mode. Smooth zoom controls let them get as close to products as they deserve to create better demo reels and more.

Just having access to essential tools can make a huge difference to an employee’s productivity. Thanks to the Microsoft integrations on the Galaxy Z Flip6, employees can use the best of Office 365 on their mobile device and create and edit documents as if they had their laptop with them.

Supporting employee wellbeing

Even if employees are dedicated to their work, lack of sleep or poor health care should never lead to burnout.

Equipping your employees with a Galaxy Z Flip6 not only provides training and guidelines to promote wellbeing, but also convenient health monitoring with the Galaxy Ring.

Not only can you measure key wellness factors like sleep and energy, but you can also receive tips and reminders directly through Flex Window. This is another way to offer a better, more empowering EX that allows employees to do their best at work.

Worry-free working

Employers must provide their employees with a data-secure workplace, even when they are not working nearby. However, as more and more business processes are carried out via digital channels, the risk of data leaks and ransomware can make employees feel uneasy.

Equipping employees with a Galaxy Z Flip6 eliminates these fears because the devices are secured by Samsung Knox, which offers defense-grade protection built in from the chip up. This means that employee data and company data (including customer data) are protected at all times.

Devices can also be subject to accidents in everyday life, but the Galaxy Z Flip6 also comes with Galaxy Z Assurance, which covers damage or defects and offers a one-time screen replacement at a reduced price. Samsung Care+ for Business offers comprehensive protection for larger companies with hassle-free repairs, the ability to track damage, and flexible insurance options. This peace of mind can also contribute to a better EX.

Organizations of all types have the opportunity to prioritize EX, and the Galaxy Z Flip6 offers several enhancements through Galaxy AI to redefine the possibilities.

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*Samsung’s Galaxy AI features will be available free of charge on supported Samsung Galaxy devices until the end of 2025.


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