Get this high performance mouse for only $25.60 for a limited time

Get this high performance mouse for only .60 for a limited time
Get this high performance mouse for only .60 for a limited time


EVGA X12 Gaming Mouse

$26 $30 Save $4

Amazon’s deal on the EVGA X12 is great news for gamers on a budget. This gaming mouse is great for games that require extreme precision thanks to its dual sensor feature, super-fast polling rate, and up to 16,000 DPI tracking capability. Now, shoppers can get it for just $25.60 on Amazon for a limited time.

Amazon has introduced a discount on the EVGA X12 gaming mouse. Thanks to the lightning deal currently available on the platform, this powerful yet affordable mouse is available at 15% off, but only for a limited time. Those looking to grab one of the cheaper, reputable gaming mice on Amazon, currently priced at just $25.60, should do so before it’s too late. This discount may only save a few dollars, but for such a cheap product, every penny is a good deal.

The X12 is part of EVGA’s peripheral lineup that extends even beyond gaming mice. Although the company is not best known for its gaming peripherals and accessories, it has been in the gaming space for a long time. EVGA is a PC component manufacturer and its most popular products are graphics cards, motherboards and power supplies. The company has been designing, developing and manufacturing hardware for decades and has only recently entered the gaming equipment market.

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What makes the EVGA X12 a solid gaming mouse

One of the more affordable gaming mice from a reputable company, the EVGA X12 offers excellent performance. It features a dual-sensor setup that combines a Lift Off Distance (LOD) sensor with a Pixart 3389 optical sensor. This combination ensures precise tracking and accuracy, which is crucial for anyone who plays fast-paced games. The mouse supports a native 8000 Hz report rate, which is significantly higher than the standard 1000 Hz, offering faster response times, a feature appreciated by competitive gamers for whom responsiveness is key.

Customization is also a strong point of the EVGA X12. It includes five built-in profiles with on-the-fly DPI adjustments, allowing users to tailor their settings to different gaming scenarios. The Unleash RGB software offers further personalization options. The program allows users to tweak the RGB lighting, adjust the turn-off height, and save profiles for quick access. For such an inexpensive gaming mouse, the flexibility offered by the X12 is almost unmatched.

The EVGA X12’s design is both functional and ergonomic, delivering gaming performance and comfort. It features low-friction PTFE mouse feet that ensure smooth movement on various surfaces, reducing drag and allowing for agile and precise movements. The ergonomic shape combined with a lightweight, ambidextrous body makes it suitable for both left- and right-handed users for fast-paced gaming. Best of all, the EVGA X12 gaming mouse is now available for $25.60 on Amazon for a limited time.

Key Features

  • Dual sensor configuration with optical and lift-off sensor
  • Native 8000 Hz report rate for quick response
  • Five integrated profiles with customizable RGB lighting

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