Ciattarelli raises a whopping $1.2 million

Ciattarelli raises a whopping .2 million
Ciattarelli raises a whopping .2 million

Jack Ciattarelli has raised a whopping $1.2 million since entering the race for the 2025 Republican nomination for governor, crossing the grant qualification threshold in less than three months and putting him on track to receive the full grant.

Ciattarelli has raised enough money to receive over $2 million in grants, bringing his war chest to around $3.23 million so far.

By participating in the state funding program, Ciattarelli agrees to a spending cap of $8.7 million in the Republican primary and is eligible to receive a maximum of $5.5 million in grants.

“The pace and success of our initial fundraising efforts, with donations large and small from all 21 counties, speaks volumes about the incredible enthusiasm we have generated among voters across the state,” Ciattarelli said. “It is clear that people desperately need and want bold, competent, serious and honest leadership.”

The former three-term Somerset County legislator missed defeating Democratic Governor Phil Murphy by three percentage points in 2021 and has not abandoned his campaign, officially announcing his candidacy on April 9.

“It’s time we actually cut property taxes and freeze them for all retirees. It’s time we lift our sanctuary state status. It’s time we limit the terms of office of politicians in Trenton,” Ciattarelli said. “And it’s time we make our state attractive again to job creators and taxpayers instead of constantly losing them to other states.”

State Senator Jon Bramnick (Republican of Westfield) has raised $1.14 million so far in his bid for governor. Another candidate, New Jersey 101.5 radio talk show host Bill Spadea, has raised $477,000 in his first thirteen days as a candidate.

“When I’m governor, we won’t put off tackling this problem,” Ciattarelli said. “We’ll solve New Jersey’s most pressing problems with a common-sense, conservative approach.”

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