Idaho and Maine lead the way in housecleaning time

Idaho and Maine lead the way in housecleaning time
Idaho and Maine lead the way in housecleaning time

According to a new survey commissioned by Maid Brigade and conducted by OnePoll, the room that most American families spend the most time cleaning is the kitchen. But the room that probably takes the longest to clean is the bathroom, with 36% of respondents saying it’s the room they least enjoy cleaning.

There is something calming about a clean home, and according to the study, people in Idaho and Maine place the most importance on having a clean home.

The survey of cleaning habits of 100 Americans from each of the 50 states found that respondents in Idaho and Maine spend the most time on average cleaning their homes, about an hour. New Yorkers spend the least time on average cleaning, completing their chores in 45 minutes.

The survey found that the average American cleans their home once a week and declutters three times a year. Despite their own problems, more than a quarter of Americans judge others for having clutter in their homes.

“Whether or not the cleanliness of a person’s home influences your opinion of that person, the condition of your own living spaces can affect your personal well-being,” emphasizes Raychel Leong-Sullins, president of Maid Brigade.

People from Minnesota, Montana, and South Carolina are most likely to act as riot police—they take special care to keep their surroundings clean.

Cleaning habits

The survey also looked at the cleaning tasks Americans like least. The results showed that cleaning the shower, wiping down the bathroom, mopping, and cleaning windows and glass doors are all tasks respondents would rather not do.

Most respondents said they prefer to have a routine for best results. Put on music. Adjust your pace. Clean one room at a time. Take regular breaks. It’s OK to get distracted while cleaning, but always remember to shower after cleaning.

More than three in five respondents say it is important to use natural cleaning products when cleaning their home. Surprisingly, however, nearly seven in ten say they would likely use the same cleaning products, such as mops and rags, in different rooms of their home.

Bedrooms often need a little extra attention when cleaning, as they are some of the least clean rooms. And many don’t look at the garage until they absolutely have to. It’s much easier to close the doors to these rooms and never show guests what’s lurking on the other side.

More than half of those surveyed believe their home is cleaner than that of others.

“A clean and tidy space has a more calming effect, while a messy area has a more chaotic feel. With all of our commitments to work, family and social events, it can be difficult to find time to keep the house tidy unless we have help. It can be very stressful to try to ‘do it all’ and this stress can negatively impact how we interact with others,” adds Leong-Sullins.

See No Clutter

According to the study, three-quarters of respondents admit that clutter in their home increases their own mental clutter, with 27 percent agreeing that a clean home improves their overall mental health.

Studies confirm that clutter can cause people to feel overwhelmed by their surroundings and make it difficult to complete everyday household tasks.

A clean home is so important that one in ten respondents said they would trade a family member for regular professional cleaning of their home. Almost half believe they would have more time to do the things they love if they didn’t spend so much time cleaning.

“Although most women in relationships are the primary decision makers when it comes to household management, we must not forget singles (men and women) – they bear the same burden of keeping their homes clean,” explains Leong-Sullins. “If we could wave a magic wand and transform our homes into neat and comfortable living spaces, most of us would probably wave that wand on a daily basis!”

Cleaning can be a burden, but a necessary one. Many hands make the job easier. If possible, get the whole family to help. Chores for children of all ages help take some of the burden off the adults in the home. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to teach little ones important lessons about responsibility and order.

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