The best revenge dresses to make your ex regret everything

The best revenge dresses to make your ex regret everything
The best revenge dresses to make your ex regret everything

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We’ve all been there: your relationship is over and you’re trying to move on, but part of you still wants your ex to regret leaving you. It’s not an impossible wish. One way to make sure your ex questions whether the breakup was the right decision is to go out in a revenge dress. What is a revenge dress? Any dress that makes you feel fiery and confident! Any of the following eight dresses will help you reclaim your sparkle… and turn some heads in the process.

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1. Hot cuts with body: You know those tummy control swimsuits that everyone is obsessed with? This is the same design in dress form. From the ruched fabric to the expertly placed cutouts, this Kaximil dress hugs all of your curves so you can feel confident all night long.

2. Boys go crazy: If you’ve been on TikTok recently, you’ll know that men are crazy about milkmaid dresses. With figure-flattering bustier tops and flowing skirts, you’ll feel like a princess no matter where you wear your dress! House of CB – a designer known for corsets – makes one of the best, and it comes in a range of beautiful floral prints.

3. Look again: What better way to get over an ex than by travelling abroad with your girlfriends in this dress from Naked Wardrobe? Featuring a sheer, ruffled mesh fabric over a figure-hugging bodysuit, people will just stop and stare as you walk by… and look twice as you strut away.

4. Cult favorite: The Skims Fits Everybody dress could be the epitome of the “revenge dress” as it seamlessly smooths your body and accentuates your waist – no shapewear required!

5. Noble and elegant: A revenge dress doesn’t have to show a lot of skin. Sometimes a little mystery will drive your ex crazy. You’ll look like an apparition at any formal event in this silky high-neck dress from Misha Vivica. If you’re getting married soon, this is just the thing for you!

6. Backless beauty: Jealousy doesn’t cost much – in fact, it’ll only cost you $66 if you get this stunning backless mini dress. Who needs an excuse to wear it? Not you!

7. Fiery Girl: Red is a color of power and you’ll feel so confident wearing this tomato red dress from Reformation. It’s perfect for Instagram photos and will make your ex cry because you look so incredible!

8. Party girl! You’ll be as enchanting as a summer sunset in this affordable BTBFM dress. We love its versatility – wear it to the club, the beach, or even to brunch. It shows just the right amount of skin and skims your body in the most flattering way.

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