Avocados from Mexico start alive

Avocados from Mexico start alive
Avocados from Mexico start alive

MONTREAL, July 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Avocados From Mexico is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new packaging, hitting shelves this month in more than 300 supermarkets in Quebec and the Maritime provinces. This exclusive partnership with Sobeys (including IGA, Marchés Tradition, Bonichoix and other banner brands) brings a fresh look to the fruit department with colorful packaging featuring the new Subscribe to Color officially developed by Pantone.

The innovative design of Avocados From Mexico’s packaging not only showcases the brand’s vibrant Avoglow hue, but also serves as a source of information for consumers. Each bag features tips and tricks for preserving avocados and speeding up their ripening process, as well as a QR code that leads to recipe ideas. This initiative aims to help shoppers overcome the challenges they may face when selecting, preparing and cooking avocados.

From the pit to the plate: The art of the avocado

A recent study showed that over 37% of people don’t buy avocados because they don’t know the fruit and how to incorporate it into their daily routine. The new packaging serves as a guide and helps people better understand avocados and the many ways they can be consumed.

The versatility of avocados is highlighted in the recipe suggestions, encouraging customers to explore the different ways to enjoy them. Whether you’re making a classic guacamole, adding slices to a salad or creating a delicious avocado dessert, Avocados From Mexico aims to inspire and promote a healthy lifestyle by providing shoppers with the information they need to get the most out of this versatile and nutritious fruit.

A fruitful partnership

Avocados From Mexico is committed to supporting innovative in-store initiatives designed to enhance the customer experience and introduce consumers to new ways to enjoy avocados. We thank Sobeys for their commitment to enhancing the customer experience by exclusively displaying our bags, illustrating their commitment to exceptional offerings.“, mentions Miguel Barcenas, Marketing Manager for international markets at Avocados From Mexico.

Both brands are leaders in their respective industries and found the collaboration mutually beneficial and compelling. Sobey’s commitment to providing its customers with premium quality products is in line with the high standards and regulations for avocados from Mexico set by the USDA (US Department of Agriculture). The new colorful packaging makes it easier than ever to trace the quality of these fruits.

Look for the new Avoglow packaging at a Sobeys store near you and discover the tips and tricks to unlock the full potential of avocados!


Avocados From Mexico is an example of the positivity and dynamism attributed to avocados. Throughout the cultivation, packaging and distribution process, the brand remains true to its goal of offering good food to be enjoyed in good company. Mexicanness is the emotion and energy associated with the preparation of guacamole and other delicious recipes. It is also the parties and special occasions that bring family and friends together in an atmosphere of celebration, sharing and joy.

Here you can find inspiration and recipes for avocados:

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