Future Today expands Fawesome’s free streaming with new licensed content from major studios

Future Today expands Fawesome’s free streaming with new licensed content from major studios
Future Today expands Fawesome’s free streaming with new licensed content from major studios

Future Today, a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge advertising-supported CTV solutions, has licensed new titles from major studios to expand the content offerings of its popular streaming service Fawesome. These agreements with Sony Pictures Entertainment, Samuel Goldwyn Films and Gravitas Ventures add a diverse range of high-quality films and TV shows to Fawesome’s extensive library.

“Fawesome’s growing audience expects exciting and entertaining content,” said David Di Lorenzo, Senior Vice President of Content Acquisitions & Partnerships at Future Today. “Our new deals with these major studios allow us to further expand our premium content offering while meeting the desires of our audience.”

Fawesome will feature nearly a dozen films from Sony Pictures Entertainment, including critically acclaimed and fan-favorite titles such as Insidious, Chronicles of the Underworld, Two rode together, The fog (2005), Drive (2011), priest (2011), The Guns of NavaroneAnd legion.

Samuel Goldwyn Films also contributes to the diversity of content, offering a number of notable titles, including The Baader Meinhof Complex, Accident man, Another round, Beyond the Edge, hamlet, Margrete: Queen of the North, Mean Guns, track, Spun, taxi, Oklahoma by Rodgers & Hammerstein! And Rodgers & Hammerstein’s South Pacific.

Gravitas Ventures, a sports and entertainment company owned by Anthem, further enriches Fawesome’s content library and introduces a selection of popular films such as Killer bird, Bleeding heart, Blue Jay, The Stalking Fields, Quiet hours, Black Balm, Foster boy, crime, The violent heart, About the shadow, Night World, 2036 Origin unknownAnd The longest week.

Future Today also recently partnered with channel Mansa FAST, expanding Fawesome’s offerings to include culturally rich and diverse content aimed at celebrating and sharing Black culture and stories.

Fawesome’s new and improved user interface (UI) provides viewers with a seamless and user-friendly experience. Future Today continues to partner with top studios to deliver world-class entertainment. This year alone, Fawesome has added over 15,000 new movie titles to its library, all available for free and without any subscription or registration. These improvements have contributed to a remarkable user growth of over 100% year-on-year.

“Future Today is committed to providing premium content solutions for advertisers. Because Fawesome has an exceptionally diverse audience that is often challenging to target, these partnerships help brands reach their desired audiences more effectively,” said Jennifer D’Alessandro, Head of Ad Sales and Marketing at Future Today.

Future Today is partnering with top studios to bring entertainment to its audience. This announcement follows the recently announced partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery.

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