The best streaming TV and film videos of the week

The best streaming TV and film videos of the week
The best streaming TV and film videos of the week

New streaming entertainment releases this week include the fourth film in the “Descendants” series and a new season of “The Bachelorette.” “Descendants: The Rise of Red” premieres Friday on Disney+ before moving to Disney Channel next month. Also debuting this week is a candid documentary about actress Faye Dunaway on MAX and a mystery series about artificial intelligence, “Sunny,” starring Rashida Jones, on Apple TV+.

Those who underestimate the popularity of the Descendants films do so at their own peril. Since the original film premiered on Disney Channel in 2015, the subsequent film trilogy has been a huge hit with kids. When the trailer for the upcoming fourth film, Descendants: The Rise of Red, dropped earlier this year, it was viewed 86 million times in 10 days. This time, the new Descendants film will debut first on Disney+ on Friday, July 12, before hitting Disney Channel next month. The Rise of Red centers on Red (Kylie Cantrall), the rebellious daughter of the Queen of Hearts, and Chloe (Malia Baker), a relative of Cinderella.

Laurent Bouzereau’s Faye (streaming on Max from 8 p.m. Saturday, July 13) is an authorized but candid portrait of the unique film legend Faye Dunaway. In it, 83-year-old Dunaway speaks candidly about her diagnosis of bipolar disorder and her history of alcoholism, as well as her long string of classic films, including Bonnie and Clyde, Chinatown and Network.

Not many films come with the instruction to wear headphones while watching, but Sam Green’s 32 Sounds is no ordinary documentary. Shortlisted for Best Documentary Feature at the Academy Awards earlier this year, Green’s film examines 32 very different listening experiences – a fetal heartbeat, a whoopee cushion at work, Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” – to think about the many ways sound resonates in our lives. The film, which initially took place as a “live documentary” where headphones were distributed to viewers, will stream on the Criterion Channel.

Jenn Tran, who competed for Joey Graziadei’s heart on the last season of “The Bachelor,” is ABC’s new “Bachelorette.” Tran, a medical student, is the first Asian American to star on the series. Watch her meet her suitors on Monday, July 8, on ABC. Episodes will also stream on Hulu.

A new docuseries looks back at Serena Williams’ tennis career from her own perspective. “In the Arena: Serena Williams” examines her rise to greatness up until her retirement announcement in 2022. The eight-part series premieres Wednesday, July 10, on ESPN+.

Rashida Jones stars in a new crime thriller for Apple TV+ that focuses on one of the hottest topics of late: artificial intelligence. In Sunny, which premieres Wednesday, July 10, Jones plays a woman living in Japan whose husband and son go missing in a plane crash. She is given a household robot as a gift to keep her company and help her grieve.

Dakota and Elle Fanning are behind a new true crime docuseries for Hulu. “Mastermind: To Think Like A Killer” introduces viewers to Dr. Ann Burgess, a pioneer in the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit who changed the way agencies investigate serial killers. Burgess’ story is not only fascinating, but also inspiring, as she earned respect in the male-dominated FBI. The three-part series will be released on Thursday, July 11.

With the success of Love Island USA and The Traitors, Peacock has two hit reality competition shows under its belt. Next up, hungry bears star in a new unscripted series for the streamer. The Hungry Games: Alaska’s Big Bear Challenge follows brown bears in Alaska as they attempt to eat enough food (roughly three million calories) to survive their hibernation period. To do so, the hungry bears must compete against Mother Nature and each other. As the title suggests, The Hungry Games is presented like a competition show. The games begin on Thursday, July 11.

Not to be outdone, the godfather of natural history programming, Sir David Attenborough, has launched a new wildlife documentary series devoted to a wide variety of mammals. Planet Earth: Mammals looks at, you guessed it, mammals large and small as they adapt to their changing natural habitat due to human activities and the effects of climate change. The six-part series premieres Saturday, July 13, on BBC America and AMC+.

A new original for MGM+ explores the world of politics and science against the backdrop of Martha’s Vineyard. “Emperor of Ocean Park” is a mystery thriller series based on the novel of the same name and premieres Sunday, July 14. It stars Oscar winners Forest Whitaker and Grantham Coleman.

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