ExtraEmily accidentally rams a police car while streaming

ExtraEmily accidentally rams a police car while streaming
ExtraEmily accidentally rams a police car while streaming


  • Twitch streamer ExtraEmily accidentally rams a police car while cycling in NYC, but both parties involved were uninjured in the incident.
  • ExtraEmily, known for her IRL streams, has faced similar situations in the past, including being hit from behind and being banned for texting while driving.
  • The popularity of IRL streaming exposes creators to potential dangers, such as robbery or bullying, highlighting the need for caution.

Popular Pull out Streamer ExtraEmily experienced a stressful moment after hitting a police car while streaming. The content creator is known for her IRL and gaming streams on Twitch, which earned her an incredible following of 300,000 on the platform and over 84,000 on YouTube.

ExtraEmily, whose real name is Emily Xuechun Zhang, started streaming on Twitch in 2020 and has since gained a loyal and huge audience on social media. In February 2023, ExtraEmily signed with the well-known media group OTK, which cemented her career as a content creator. The streamer is best known for her IRL streams, where she takes her fans on trips and adventures. Occasionally, they get into sticky situations during these streams.


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During an IRL Twitch stream on July 8, ExtraEmily rode a rental bike around New York City to explore the area. Although the streamer was riding in the bike lane, she accidentally crashed into a police car while attempting to pass another cyclist to her right. The video shows ExtraEmily quickly turning around to apologize to the NYPD officer and ask if everything was OK, then offering to exchange information with them if needed.

Fortunately, no one seems to have been injured in the incident. The officer even checked to see if ExtraEmily was unharmed and assured her that she had nothing to worry about. This is not the first time the streamer has had run-ins with the police while streaming IRL. In May 2023, ExtraEmily was stopped by authorities mid-stream, but she was released amicably that time too.

The content creator is no stranger to having her streams interrupted by car accidents. In September 2023, she was hit from behind by a driver while chatting with her fans in her car. About a month later, Twitch banned ExtraEmily for texting while driving during an IRL stream, for which she later apologized.

Outdoor live streaming is very popular among YouTubers, but it can sometimes put them in dangerous situations. Once, YouTuber Malik Ambersley was robbed during a TikTok live stream while imitating Miles Morales. Recently, Twitch star IShowSpeed ​​​​was mobbed by his fans in Norway to the point that his cars were badly damaged. Nevertheless, the popularity of IRL streaming is continuously growing, and YouTubers should be more careful about choosing the situations they put themselves in, since everything is caught on camera.

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