The best Pacific Rim sequel came out in 2021 and was much better than Uprising

The best Pacific Rim sequel came out in 2021 and was much better than Uprising
The best Pacific Rim sequel came out in 2021 and was much better than Uprising


  • The best
    Pacific Rim
    Pacific Rim: The Black
    is a character-driven, anime-inspired series set in post-apocalyptic Australia.
  • Based on context clues, the show takes place after
    Pacific Rim: Uprising
    and expands the franchise’s story with new characters and a fresh setting.
  • Although there are talks about expanding the
    Pacific Rim
    cinematic universe,
    Pacific Rim 3
    is not currently in development.

Although it did not receive the attention it deserved, the best Pacific Rim The sequel was released in 2021 – and it is much better than Pacific Rim: Uprisingthe sequel to Guillermo del Toro’s successful Kaiju monster film from 2018. Written by del Toro and Travis Beacham, the original Pacific Rim The film, which was released in 2013, grossed a whopping $411 million at the worldwide box office and received good reviews from critics and audiences despite its style over content approach. Pacific Rimhumans are at war with the Kaiju – giant monsters that crawled out of an interdimensional portal.

To fight back, humans have created Jaegers – giant mechas piloted by two soldiers who share a mental link. While the original film details the lore and world of the universe, it also centers on once-retired Jaeger pilot Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) as he mentors rookie Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi) in the later days of the Human-Kaiju War. Pacific Rim: Uprising The focus is on Jake Pentecost (John Boyega), a Jaeger pilot who tries to uphold his father’s legacy. A popcorn film through and through, revolt was much less well received than its predecessorand thus a third Pacific Rim Project better tracking.

Pacific Rim: The Black Animated Series was better than Pacific Rim: Uprising

The animated Netflix series is a more character-driven Pacific Rim entry

While Pacific Rim: Uprising was criticized as a derivative, less imaginative comedy, Netflix’s animated series, Pacific Rim: The Blackis the exact opposite. The third part of the Pacific Rim Franchise, The Black is a two-season anime-influenced series that aired from 2021 to 2022 before being cancelled. It is set in the same universe created by del Toro and Beacham in 2013. Pacific Rim: The Black sees Kaiju emerging from the ocean to overrun AustraliaDespite their efforts, the Jaeger pilots fail to repel the Kaiju with their massive armored mechs, which reshapes the continent.

With a fresh setting and a more character-driven story,
Pacific Rim: The Black
is the better sequel.

This post-apocalyptic version of Australia is populated by isolated groups of survivors, including teenagers Taylor (Calum Worthy) and Hayley Travis (Gideon Adlon), whose parents have left to fight the Kaiju. Pacific Rim: The Black‘s siblings find an old hunter, They realize that the mech can help find their parents. In true apocalyptic fashion, however, Taylor and Hayley’s journey is constantly thwarted by their fellow survivors, all of whom want to get their hands on the Jaeger and the ruthless Kaiju. With a fresh setting and a more character-driven story Pacific Rim: The Black is the better sequel.


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When “Pacific Rim: The Black” takes place in the Pacific Rim timeline

The animated Pacific Rim series takes place after the Uprising Wars

For viewers who Pacific Rim Movies in timeline order, Pacific Rim: The Black complicates things a little. The events of the original Pacific Rim unfolded in 2025, while revolt jumped forward a decade to focus on a grown-up version of Marshal Stacker Pentecost’s (Idris Elba) son Jake. A somewhat standalone show, Pacific Rim: The Black does not definitely indicate when it occurs within the franchise’s timeline, but there are some clues that strongly suggest it takes place after revoltFor example, the show repeatedly mentions the Uprising Wars and even puts well-known Jaegers from the second film in the spotlight.


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Will there ever be another Pacific Rim movie?

Pacific Rim 3 is not currently in the works, despite previous claims about the Cinematic Universe

For now, the end of Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2 is the last entry in the Pacific Rim Universe. Before Pacific Rim: UprisingAt the release of, director Steven S. DeKnight claimed that a third film had been written, but its future depended on the success of the revolt. Although revolt did not do badly, but only made half of the original, making its future uncertain. DeKnight also suggested sequels, standalone stories and spinoffs that could be included in the Pacific Rim Universe were not off the table (via SlashFilm). Currently, There are no official plans or developments for Pacific Rim 3.

Both seasons of Pacific Rim: The Black are streamed on Netflix.

Source: SlashFilm

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