Instagram will not track long-form videos

Instagram will not track long-form videos
Instagram will not track long-form videos

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has rejected the possibility of the platform pursuing long-form videos, saying it would be inconsistent with the company’s goals.

Content creators and users are pushing for Instagram to expand its offerings and make long-form video content a viable option. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t seem to have any interest in the medium. According to Mosseri, long-form content doesn’t fit the company’s goals as well as short videos.

Mosseri posted his response in an Instagram video. The full transcript is below, lightly edited for clarity.

A developer recently asked me if we will be making long videos on Instagram, and the answer is no.

And I wanted to explain why. Well, we do a number of different things on Instagram. But at its core, it really has two missions: one, to connect you with friends, and two, to help you explore your interests, usually through short videos. And it turns out those two things are symbiotic.

You see a great video that makes you laugh out loud and send it to someone you know will laugh as hard as you. Or I see a highlight of a great soccer goal or trick and send it to someone I know loves soccer as much as I do. So these things are about connecting with friends over your interests.

Now it turns out that long-form video is less symbiotic with those other jobs. When you watch a 10- or 20-minute video, you see less content from friends, you interact less with your friends, and you’re actually less likely to send that content or video to a friend.

So we’re not going to go after that business because it’s part of our core identity to connect people with friends and we don’t want to undermine that by focusing on long-form video. We understand that short-form video doesn’t always do that, but it can. We try to prioritize short-form videos that do that.

So let me know what you think in the comments below, I’m sure we’ll get a lot of hot comments on this.


For now at least, creators and users who enjoy long-form content will have to look elsewhere.

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